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June 2017

When we looked first at the house everything seemed fine.   True there were electrical  odor emitters plugged in in most of the rooms but these seemed pretty mild.   It just made the house smell good.    

Also when the house was inspected he inspector pointed to a small circle on the cement walkway and said a hole had been drilled in the cement and insecticide had been pumped in for termites.    Well I guess we would not have any termite problems I thought.    

That was about 4 years ago.    Now we seem to fight more.   Sometimes I feel really bad but cannot describe the feeling.     Things seemed better when I slept on the porch.    Another problem is that we had no bugs.    No ants no mosquitoes and no spiders.    Also i was troubled by endless itching.    Every morning I would itch.   

June 20, 2017
This is when i began to search the internet for termite pesticides and how long they lasted.    What i found out was very troubling.    From 1950 to 1988 about 30 million homes were built with chlordane used as termite control.  Sometimes as much as 200 gallons of chlordane was poured into the ground around new houses.    The half life of chlordane is very long, more than 30 years.    Finally in 1988 the use of Chlordane was banned as a termite control.    

June 25
Then I thought about ventilating the bed room.    The bathroom fan would ventilate it for us but t was too loud so  I took out the electrical switch and replaced it with a 600 watt incandescent lamp dimmer.    Then we opened the window at the opposite side of the room.     That really seemed to help and this lead me to think about other ventilation fans.

June 26
I ordered a chlordane test kit from Dr. Richard Cassidy at

June 27, 2017
The next fan I added was a window fan in the kitchen. It too blows out to act as an exhaust fan.  The fan runs 24 hours a day.  

June 30, 2017
Added exhaust fan to the cellar.    Our house has a walk out cellar with some windows.    I opened one window and fitted in a dual unit window fan backwards so it would exhaust the interior air.    The fan was set on low and has been on 24 hours a day.   A added benefit was a big reduction in humidity.   Once again it seemed that we both felt much better.    Of course the ventilation solution only works for the summer what will happen in the winter is still to be determined.  

July 5  I received the chlordane test kit.

July 8  We sealed up the house by closing all the windows and  turning off all the fans.   We then left for a 14 hour all day outing.   Upon returning I plugged in the pump and connected it to the supplied glass tube.    I let the pump run for 1 hour and 40 minutes.    The pump was then shut off , the tube removed and  the unit was re-packaged and mailed back to Dr. Cassidy.   

July 10  Replaced the bathroom vent fan with a dual 7 inch window fan.   Cost $24.    Now we have 4 window fans 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs running 24 hours a day. 

July 11    Found reference to wintertime treatment of homes.    They listed 2 methods either a vent fan with a heat exchange or the use of activated carbon.    They claim the use of activated carbon would get rid of 99% of the chlordane. 

July 22    Received results back from Dr Cassidy.    The level measured was very low ( about 3 times the minimum detectable level) .    Clearly Chlordane is not the problem.     In my discussions with Dr Cassidy he mentioned using a air filter containing activated carbon in the winter when the house was closed up.    Apparently this is a very effective solution  as it can  absorb 99 % of a pesticide.   

Dr Cassidy recommended a air filter made by IQAIR  in Switzerland and costs about $900.00.   

See: https://www.iqair.com/gc-series-air-purifiers.

August 3,     I started looking at kits to test for pesticide residues in food.    Found one and ordered 3 test kits at about $10 each.   

August 11   I selected a clean container filled it with a clean rag and distilled water and wiped several places in the corners of the bedroom and the hall.    I then used the kit to test for pesticide residues.    All three test came out negative.   

August 13,   Called a industrial hygienist and had a conversion about mold.    He pointed out that our practice of closing up the house for 3 months while we vacationed in Mexico was conductive  to the growth of mold.    That made sense as when i look in the past it seems sometimes the problem goes away and then it comes back.    We also have a variety of mushrooms that seem to grow in our back lawn.    I began thinking of using lime to reduce the acid ph that comes from all the oak trees in our back yard.     Also began to look for a mold indoor test kit.   


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