How To Make a  Directional Gyroscope


1)  A standard toy gyroscope.

2)  A 5 inch crocheting hoop used for sewing.

3)  5 or 6 feet of strong fishing line.

4)  A electric drill and a 1/8 inch bit.

5)  Two screws 6-32 x 3/4 inches long.

6)  Two 6-32 thumb nuts.


Start by tightening the crocheting hoop together.  Then drill two holes opposite each other.   Also drill 2 more holes near the 1/8 holes to mount the 6-32 screws and attach the thumbnuts as shown below.

Now cut 2 pieces of string about 8 inches long and tie them to the gyroscope as shown.  


Next thread one pair of strings through the hoop and secure it under the thumbnut.  Then twist the gyroscope a few turns.  Insert the second pair of strings in the 2nd 1/8 inch hole .  Twist the strings a few more turns and secure them under the 2nd thumbnut as shown.  The twists must be in opposite direction so they will not unwind.


Now cut the excess string off.    The twisted strings form the gimbals that enables the gyroscope to rotate.  They should be reasonably tight.

Next cut three strings about 24 inches long and attach each string to the hoop at a 120 degree intervals as shown.


Next gather all three strings and hang the gyroscope from them and tie them all together so the single knot is about 15 inches from the hoop.


  See the photo for the method of tying.  Cut off two strings and keep one to hang the gyroscope.  

Now hang the completed assembly and wind another string on the gyroscope.   Place the gyroscope axis in the plane of the hoop and start the gyroscope.

Note that any attempt to rotate the hoop through the vertical axis is met with resistance.  This will result in a tilting of the gyroscope axis.  This is the principal behind the directional gyroscope.

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