Experiment Three, Removing the Chuck from an Electric Drill.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the chuck from an electric drill.  This is not difficult if you have an older drill with a separate key and it is threaded on to the shaft and you understand the concepts of F = M x A.   At first glance it seems impossible as while it is easy to turn the chuck the problem is that the armature and shaft of the drill also turn Somehow they must be held but they are not accessible.   So how is it done?    

The answer is that the key is put into the chuck and it is hit with a sharp rap with a piece of wood.    Remember that the armature, while it will turn freely,  is difficult to accelerate it in a very short time.   In fact it will resist the impulse to turn it.  This resistance to turning will hold the armature  stationary against a very quick turning force.    This will allow the chuck to be loosened.    This is based not on linear inertia but on the rotary inertia which is very similar.    

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