Experiment Four.  Pulling a paper out from under an empty glass.

Materials needed:  

    Water glass full of water.
    Sheet of paper 81/2 x 11 is good

Place the sheet of paper so 1/3 is on the table and 2/3 is sticking off the edge.   Place the glass of water on the paper.   The object is to remove the paper without touching the water glass or spilling the water.  Note that if you pull the paper slowly the glass moves with it.    

To remove the paper hold the loose end firmly with one hand and with your other hand held vertical strike the paper between your hand and the table.   You need a very fast karate chop type blow to pull the paper out as fast as possible.    This will allow the paper to be removed with the glass unmoved.    The reason this works is again F = M x A.   That is the mass of the water and the glass is very resistant to a extremely quick motion and it will resist it.  This is what keeps the glass in place.  

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