Two Dollar Bike Rack

Carrying bicycles in cars is always a problem.    Of course anything is possible and a quick trip to the bike shop and another hundred on the Visa card and the problem is solved but some of us would like a cheaper way.    This is my approach.    It involves a two dollar steel ring from a hardware store and 4 to 6 feet of rope.   That's it.     Here are the steps.    

1)   Checkout the trunk latch and note the diameter of the steel used for the lower latch.      


2)  Buy a 2 inch steel ring with the same steel material as the lower latch.   about the same diameter steel material.  

3)   Tie a 4 to 6 foot length of rope to the ring.

4)   Open the trunk and push the ring into the latch in the trunk cover.   It should snap shut.    Notice that the ring is now captured in the trunk lid and the only way to release it is to either use the trunk key to open the latch or use the release inside the car.  

5)   Now put the Bicycle in the trunk with the front end hanging out.  

6)   pass the end of the rope through the bottom latch.

7)   Pull the rope to close the lid and use the free end of the rope to tie the bike in.  

8)    Done BUT   again at the end of your journey REMEMBER that the only way to restore the trunk to normal operation is to remove the ring.    This must be done with the key unlocking the trunk or the latch inside the car.    It may be necessary to pull on the ring as the key is turned.     Do all this at your own risk.   It works  for me but cars are different.  

9)    Again You must use the key to release the ring.