Bread has been a part of our diet for the last 10,000 years.  It's variety of amino acids  made it a almost perfect food.  

  The Romans built a complex of 16 water powered wheat grinders that could produce 4000 pounds of wheat flour a day.   Their historian Piney the Elder devoted an entire chapter of his writings to wheat.     The Greeks who ground their wheat in the kitchen left us a variety of sculptures of them in the process of grinding wheat.  The Vikings  carried wheat to Iceland Greenland and then to  America to be grown for food.  The early Americans  farmed wheat from the colonial  days.   The people that lived in the 1800's and credited wheat as being solely responsible for civilization of man.    Norman Borland is credited with saving a billion lives  because of his work with wheat.   He received a Nobel Prize for his work in 1970.    

So I must ask is wheat really a bad food?    Yes it really is but it is the growing techniques and processing that have destroyed all the nourishment in wheat.  Before wheat is even harvested it is killed in the field by dousing it liberally with Round Up.    This results in a larger ( but poisoned) crop.  Then when we grind the wheat into flour we remove all the wheat germ and fiber and use it for animal food.  This is great for the animals but not so good for people as it is the wheat germ that contains all the nourishment of the wheat.     After that preservatives are added.    

So is wheat really a good food.    It was at one time but because of all the processes above we have pretty much destroyed all the nourishment that the wheat contained.   This destruction of wheat was put in place by a 1914 Supreme court decision that said it was OK to poison wheat as long as in appeared not to cause any harm.    That decision has been supplemented by a variety of unhealthy chemicals that have been approved to use in our bread.    

Here is a list of chemicals used to bleach bread in America that are banned in foreign countries.  Benzoyl peroxide,  Calcium peroxide,  Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide gas,  Azodicarbonamide,  Potassium bromate, Calcium bromate, Nitrogen dioxide.

Lets look at some of these chemicals.

You have heard of grandfathered laws.    These are laws that were enacted to late to be applied to people who had invested in a process before it was made illegal.    Thus if i own chickens and next week owning chickens is made illegal my chickens are exempt.    They are grandfathered in.    

The use of cancer causing poisons in our food is also grandfathered  in.     Potassium bromate is a dough conditioner that was used in the past.    Later it was found to be a carcinogen    To address cancer causing foods in our environment we enacted the Delaney Act  but the wording of this act is that the FDA  "shall not approve any cancer causing additives".    Potassium Bromate was approved before the Delaney Act and thus it is grandfathered in and the FDA simply requests food producers to  not use it.   But they do anyway.     Other countries take a different approach.    They ban it.  Here is a list of  38 countries that ban potassium bromide.    

   The 28 countries of the  European Union as well as ,
  South Korea
 Sri Lanka

But here in good old USA the FDA   seems to be incapable of banning a additive because it causes cancer.   

Another chemical  is called aziocarbonite.    It is a chemical used as a blowing agent in rubber.   It is responsible fro all the bubbles  in foam rubber.   It works well in yoga mats.  

Somehow it was discovered this component of rubber helps to whiten flour.   It is not really necessary as the flour will also whiten if it is left for one week as is done in Europe but we in the USA cannot wait a week.   It also helps bubbles to form and increases the gluten.    The WHO has reported that azodicarbonamide causes  both asthma and allergies.    During the baking process two chemicals are formed.    Semicarbazide and ethyl carbamate.    These are both carcinogenic  and can cause damage both our DNA as well as our hormone function.      Azodicarbonamide  is banned in Europe and Australia.   

High Fructose Corn Syrup was invented in the 70's  as a cheaper alternative to cane sugar.   It has been put in all sorts of processed foods including bread.   Studies have shown that HFCS causes changes to the human brain that result in out feelings of being full are suppressed and thus we continue to keep eating.    Perhaps this is why the increase in the consumption of HFCS matches our increase in obesity and diabetes with both starting in the 70's.    

Round Up is a herbicide or week killer.    It is usually used to kill the weeds that grow in cornfields.  GMO corn has been made resistant to it but Round Up  has a lot more uses.    One of these is in growing wheat.    In order to maximize the wheat harvest glyphosate is applied liberally to the wheat crop before it  is harvested.    The result is that the wheat absorbs the chemical in its seeds and dies.    This results in a larger ( but poisoned)   harvest.

 People have long said that the United States was the greatest country on earth and while this may be true in some areas it is not true in the health of it's people.    Depending on who you believe there are between 22 to 32 countries healthier than we are.     We are the world's leader on obesity and have  seen diseases like autism jump from 1 in 5000 to 1 in 100.    Alzheimer's has increased 10 fold beginning in the 70's.    
60 years ago childhood cancer was unknown.    Today the level is 10 times what it was in the 60's.    

 Why is this?    The answer in my mind is simple.   We are being poisoned.    Our foods beginning with bread have been made so toxic that  they poison us or cause us to become obese.   A very large proportion of our population  do not eat a proper diet.   Instead we eat foods adulterated with a variety of chemicals all allowed by the FDA.

 Indeed  Wikipedia has a whole page devoted to the mistakes of the FDA.    See:

The end result  is a travesty.   We grow mountains of wheat that could feed millions but then we totally destroy and poison it so that whatever nourishment it may have is counteracted by the poisons we add to it.   

 A small contingent of people routinely avoid all these chemicals in bread by simply buying the wheat berries or grain from organic farms.     This grain is then ground at home much like the ancient Greeks  into flour shortly before it  is made into bread.   The result is a bread with all the nutriments of the ancients